535. Breaking Deadpool

Sameth on March 18, 2013

I'll watch any crappy movie with Rifftrax: The Room, Birdemic, Twilight, etc.
I've seen all the Twilight movies because of Rifftrax. They're hilarious.
That being said, Breaking Dawn 2: Electric Boogaloo was by far the most tolerable of the five movies…which isn't really saying anything. And part of it was because of the freakin' battle that didn't actually happen.
I was kinda pissed when I found this out…because people I didn't like (anyone in the cast, really) died and it was actually kinda cool seeing vampires ripping each other's heads off and lighting each other on fire.
Except for the fact that it didn't happen. That was so cheap. Much like Deadpool here, I also felt like killing something after I saw that.