on strike we go against SOPA and PIPA (and taking a read at ACTA)

Locoma on Jan. 18, 2012

The site that has been informing me and kept me up to date:
Google's post about it with millions of links to supporters to the strike:
A video that taught me about censorship Universal is ALREADY doing (taking down videos they don't own the rights of but don't like their ‘message’):
And that is all. If you are an american, call your congressman. If you have a site, take it down  for 12hs/24hs to support the strike.
I've always been motivated by activism, in the past I've been in protests and discussions and it's something I've always strived for. We take a lot of things activism has got us for granted, XX century history is really fascinating. It teaches you why your life is like it is and why do you have rights and responsabilities as a citizen. So to me, internet activism is not a minor thing. It's the future (or the present?)