Prologue Cover

iamthatis on Oct. 14, 2006

Hello, everyone and anyone! Welcome to my webcomic!

I can't promise you much. I must be crazy, to start a webcomic now. My life is the busiest it's ever been, and it's only going to get busier. But I figured, if not now, when?

Thus, Pennavir was born!

Updates are going to be completely random, until I can settle on a good schedule. Art won't be consistant – one day it may be only pencil, the next it may be inked, the next photoshop-ed until there's nothing left – heck, I might break out the crayons if I feel so inclined! My point is, I don't have a style yet, and I'm not sure I ever will. So I'm going to go through this, one page at a time.

Pennavir is PG, or as close to PG as I can keep it. No swearing, no questionable stuff, but I might find violence unavoidable.

Now, on with the Prologue! The next page will be posted Wednesday, 10/18/06.

Thank you! ^_^