Fool Arcana

Strain42 on April 1, 2013

Okay everyone, I have something serious I need to talk about here…I'm afraid this is the end of Persona For the Win. Add-On, Gold'n, any possible P2 project. I recently lost my flash drive which had all my comics saved on it, and my external hard drive which had all my back-ups got wiped somehow. The only reason I have comics saved up to here is because they were on my desk top. The truth is, I'm tired of drawing these comics. I've been doing these for over 4 years now, and you fans have been the best part of that…but I'm tired. They don't even feel funny anymore, and the thought of re-drawing over 100 comics just seems…I just can't do it, guys…I'm sorry. I hope you enjoyed what I was able to do here, but there won't be anymore. I'm done. I've just gotta dedicate myself to my schoolwork.
April Fools :P You know I'd never do that to you guys…and just to be on the safe side, I am totally making a few more backups of all my comics >_>