Placeholder and apology

stabbyfairy on Nov. 10, 2007

As you've no doubt noticed, I've been having a few troubles on the update front. What with a combination of the rate at which I was updating before and the various pressures uni puts on my time, I've been finding it very difficult to draw anything. I figured if I didn't take a rest from the comic I'd burn myself out.
I'm loath to call this a hiatus (since we all know that in webcomics the word ‘hiatus’ means ‘will never see the light of day again’ XD) but I will take at least another 2 weeks to try to get back into it. Once I'm ready though, I WILL be continuing Pictures. It likely won't update as frequently as before but I hope I won't have to do this again too soon.
(Why's Fyrinae the one in the fanservice-y (and extremely mismatched) costume? Because pissing her off amuses me. >=3)
So, again, sorry for the wait (and especially since it's just about to really get good) and I'll update some time in the near future! Thanks for reading this far! ^_^