Piffle 1 starting over

Luccia on Dec. 27, 2011

Hello everyone. When I first started this comic I didn't actually have the story figured out and was just making it as I went. The further into it I got, ideas began to change. So that's where these two pages come in. You might hate me for this, but I'm most likely going to redo this comic. There are a few things I want to capture that I didn't from the first one; like how Marguerite's mom is practically her best friend, and how Percy is timid (and still clueless) and gets nervous in large crowds since he's lived in a forest with a population of 7 people total. There will be a lot of changes from the original like their designs (Marguerite's outfit for example), the way they all meet, and Moira being more of a troll than a somewhat nice guy…but deep down you knew that already ;)  So, I thank you for sticking with me from the very beginning. And I now ask would you be willing to start over with me? I promise I'm not breaking up with you. Just starting over.
I'm also thinking of renaming it, but I don't know to what. So for now, Piffle will stay Piffle. I don't even know how or why I called it PiffleMitt. Just the word Piffle popped into my head and I added Mitt to it. Stereo Hearts would be cool, but it's a Gym Class Heroes song…and I like it. It's cool. Fate Station, maybe(it'll make more since with the new story)? I'll get back to that.