Luccia on Oct. 13, 2012

Remember how I said that I was thinking of renaming Pifflemitt? Well, as I was coloring the banner, the name dawned on me. Star Lions! I was like, “ Duh! It was so obvious” So, I'm renaming Pifflemitt to Star Lions. I know I can't do that legally on DD, but that's what I'm changing it to. Speaking of the banner, I'm happy to say that I'm finally satisfied with it so it'll be up a while. Yeah, her guns look girly, but they pack a nice blast.
@everyone: Thank you!
Fun fact(s):
1. Margo's just going by descriptions of fairies her father and the internet gave her
2. The nature-y scent she mentions is a mix of fresh, floral, spice, and woodsy smell (like cologne- not perfume, because he's more manly than that). The source of it is his hair. It's relaxing and clears the mind.