ozoneocean on Nov. 7, 2006

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Master Star gives Jirel a lesson in head exploding mind powers… Their experiment produces unexpected results. And Jirel gets to say a one liner…

Alejkhan's Star, Ink Monkey's Captain Morgan, Cresc's Ingrid 9, Pixie's Violet, Mort's Jaeger, Mister Spook's Slither, Simon's gal with a knife, Barb's Ollie and Astrina, Hero's Jax, AQua_ng's guy with two swords, Sarah's Barbarian demon gal with a club, And Ian Jay's little fella that likes “shawks”.
There are other guys here, but I'm at a loss to remember them… Sorry for that :(

OK! This is the big finally of the old Dodgeball pics. Back to the timeline after this. But not yet, I have some stuff to do first, so this is it for now. It won't be long till more updates, but they won't be daily anymore. Whew, there were a lot of characters packed into this one. A real battle royale! And they all got their head's EXPLODED!

All characters are copyright to their creators!

Pinky TA get's updated today!