Part 7 page 46

ozoneocean on Feb. 29, 2012

Page description:
You bump into the strangest people…
…especially when you're piloting a 4 tonne pile of bipedal, diesel powered war-mecha, covered in oil, rust and grime, holed up in the cramped, hot, dark little control pod, stinking of sweat, hot leather, diesel fumes and grease, with the acrid stench of rocket propellant and cordite penetrating from outside along with the worrying smell of burning steel.
Pinky and Ace have found each other, but they're too close… with only their rockets working, hits at that range are too dangerous.
A little bit of action here happening very fast but taking me months to draw. The irony is not pleasing!
There's not even complicated background here! I quite like the BG work I did here though, it looks like I've used lots of motion blur, funky effects, and cloned patterms, but I haven't actually; those are all just simple lines. I made a custom brush (Photoshop) years and years ago to better do hair with- just a bunch of spaced dots set to vary transparency with pressure, hard edges, no softness. But it never worked well on hair because it looked too blended. Works nicely when you want to paint in fake speed blurs though! The rest is just scribbles.
Jebus, the DD Quackcast takes a lota work, especially with our ongoing radio play (the DD soap) included. Please listen to the DD QuackcastBanes did the latest one solo though, all by himself and did a pretty damn good job of it!