Part 7 page 50

ozoneocean on Nov. 14, 2012

Page description:
Ace gets in close… Pinky wonders why, since neither of them have working guns and it's too close for him to use rockets safely. Then she realises that's not exactly true… Meanwhile her tromper and her own body are pretty badly damaged now, basically defenceless.
This is the page that killed my computer!
Well, half of it anyway…
The full size of this page is… I dunno. It's over half a Gig in file size. I cut it in half so it'd be easier to work on, but even then it still took too long to do quick saves. My comp started getting unreliable too, I had a couple of crashes, even a BSOD, which frightened me since that machine has basically be 100% forever.
The page didn't reaaaaally kill it though… I think one of the hard drives is dying and it's causing weird issues. But that makes it unreliable for my art comp and it desperately needs upgrading so I bought a nice sexy and powerful ultrabook instead. When i get the time and cash I'll upgrade th old workhorse.
The second part of this page will go up next week!
Umm… I did a Pinky sketch and added some background info on the Pinky TA facebook page -
I had some sweet fanart too from Kawaii Daigakusei!