Pinky TA 8: Page 2

ozoneocean on March 18, 2014

Page description:
That's Pinky there in that coat. ^_^
She's the boss here and apparently she's not much good at motivation.
I cannot beleive it takes me 3 months or more to do pages. …?
If I was this slow in my paid work I would be OUT of work. My current theory is that the creative part of my brain has turned to wood, so it thinks at the pace trees grow. Expect Pinky TA to run for the next 400 years at a rate of one page per year.
I'm not joking… that much.

Look at this!
This brilliant pic of the Dread Pirate Ozone is a digital painting by the multi talented Tantz Aerine!
A romantic heroic portrait in the true style. See is full size HERE