Furato stinks 06

Hexaditidom on Aug. 7, 2008

Check out all the new stuff on Planet B over at Smackjeeves! (planetb.smackjeeves.com)
Planet B wiki!
Planet B fanart!
Planet B wallpapers!

Since I'm giving you tons of new stuff I think it only fair to ask something of you readers. Specifically, answers to two questions:

1. Planet B could use a bigger audience. On what one comic site do you think it would get the most exposure? Just one, because updating on three different sites (here, SJ and DeviantArt) is enough of a pain as it is, and I want it to be worth it.

2. And perhaps this should come first, but what can I do to make this comic better? Both in the objective sense, and what would YOU personally like to see? Because I do make this comic for you :)