0-0 Welcome to Pleasant Valley.

SillyHippo11 on May 18, 2014

I don't know how many of you listen to “Welcome to Night Vale”, (it is very awesome and deserves much love) but i'm going to admit outright this was inspired by it! the characters were actually pulled from separate brain babies, and merged into this…thing. Obviously, no, i'm NOT trying to copy Night Vale or steal it's thunder, that's a dick thing to do. this is simply a project i've been trying to sort out for a while now, taking flight. I hope you all enjoy it, but right now this is the **body horror, **scary warning. I've been told repeatedly that Roxi is scary, creepy, and have actually spooked my friends with just showing her to them. hell, she's probably the scariest thing in this silly comic but i feel obligated to warn you, Roxi is creepy according to a few of my friends, who are difficult to creep out.