Vinal on May 19, 2007

So, a new comic!

Ok, before anyone flys off the handle and says you saw this uploaded earlier by ‘anch0vy’, do not fear, for I am anch0vy, for anch0vy is also me! Yeah, erm…so their! And if anyone still thinks I'm lieing, riddle me this…How would I get anch0vy to take down ‘Please Hold’ so I could upload the comics as my own unless I am him.

Anyway, why did I change accounts? Well I realise a lot of the promotion a comic gets is off commenting on others. Problem is when you comment on someone they can see ALL of your comics, and with Please Hold being so new, chances are people will look at comics like Life Of TimmY and him, him & him first. With a new account I can have a clean slate and Please Hold can get the recognition I'd like it to receive :-)