Vaprrenon on April 18, 2010

Holy crud I finally uploaded a page! Hopefully it doesn't suck.

The background didn't really come out like I'd planned, but it looks pretty so I don't care! ^_^ Really the entire page was an experiment, so I'm VERY happy with the end result. I'm currently borrowing a friend's tablet and this is the first “real” work I've done with it. It took a while to get used to the thing but now it's just plain fun!

So…yeah. Comic.
This will end up being a random little comic strip about junk that pops into my head now and again and little stories based on real-life whatnots.

The nervous-looking guy in panel three is Neko and you should go visit his blog at ‘cause it’s awesome. The satyr-looking fellow is Stan, an old “sidekick” I used to have that might end up being revived through this comic. I torment him so.

Enjoy and come back again soon…PWEASE?!