Laugh In Your Face Comic 27 - Deleted

PoeDaughter7 on April 30, 2013

Deleted due to reader protest. Poe is a magic user who just got powers.The whale is a teacher named Walter at magic school stuck in black whale form.  KRULL is the para- military witch organization that tries to shoot them in laser-wand battles to drain their powers.  The fight for justice must prevail!  From Cartoon Poe and the Whale by Author Andrea Menzies also at: - Main Comic and Merchandise Page.  - Main Comic Archives RSS Link and E-mail List.  - Author’s links and Wordpress Updates. search term “Poe and the Whale” - Web Comic Page at The Duck. Stay tuned fearless reader… regular updates Tuesday every week! Tags: Raven, Whale, Poe and the Whale, Art, Magic, Powers, Comics