Chapter 1 ~Cover ~Water Ballet

chary on May 17, 2008

Okiedokie, first cover page :3.
Alrighty then x3.
Yep, another comic, but I'm feeling very inspired to make this one, so expect the first page to come up soon ;3.
Okiedokie a bit about the comic then:
I've been wanting to make a Pokémon comic for ages, and yesterday during a roleplay I felt suddenly inspired, after a bit of chatting with my fellow roleplayers I quickly decided to start making it into a comic x3.
Of course you'll see their lovely characters turning up soon too ;3.
Who we see on the cover here, is Daryl and his Vaporeon, Aqua. Also note my epic phailure at the drawing of male characters and Pokémon xD.
Daryl didn't turn out quite right, he should actually look a bit older.. oh well xD.
He's a very ‘kamp’ character, and likes to dress rather extravagantly xD, I hope it comes across o.o;.
Hope you'll look forward to the first pages ;3.

Also, I love comments and stuff :3!


Chary :3