TBustah on June 19, 2011

So yeah, I'm back.

Apparently, during my extended absence, the comic became victim to the same bug that's been causing broken pages all over Drunk Duck.

Rather than going back and reupoading them (for the SECOND TIME, I might add), I just deleted the whole thing and started over. Hopefully, the title I made will actually show up now as well.

This is how it's gonna work: I'm going to start uploading pages every night. Here's the catch: they're all old pages. I figure this gives people a chance to get caught up, and gives me more time to work on new ones, as well as tend to the various other projects I have going on (like my softball team).

There are 36 existing pages. Once they're all up, I'll begin updating with new ones on MWF.

Anyway… pictured here is the Centennial Time Capsule in Mountain View Park. It was placed there a couple months after I began PSSV, for the township's 100th anniversary. It plays a key role in the story, as you'll find out in about a month's updates from now.