1. An Errand for Elm

LupaLynn on Jan. 14, 2006

(NOTE: This comic was originall uploaded with the title “Pokemon Platinum.” It was renamed after it was pointed out that a future DS game with the same title has been announced. I did a thorough search and couldn't find anything official or fan-created with the title “Pokemon Nickel,” so I hope this will be a safe title.)

This is the title page for the first part of the comic. Kris' profile sprite still looks weird, but the hair was hard to do and this was my best attempt. If you can't guess, this is a sprite comic using updated, GBA-style sprites to recreate the GSC games.

Because I love developing plots and characters, I have to give a warning now that I'll be taking a lot of creative liberty with this comic and adding a lot of things that weren't in the game. I've already created new characters and plots that I'm excited to use, and I plan on including characters from both the RSE games and the Kanto versions (it will quickly become apparent that I am a fan of the "Pokemon Special (Adventure?) manga). If something I do is stupid or makes no sense, feel free to complain. Even if I enjoy making the comic, it takes away half the point if people reading it just think it's stupid.

As far as updates go, I'm going to try to keep a Sunday/Thursday schedule for now. I would like to update three days a week, but right now I don't have the time. Once I get enough of the new sprites and backgrounds made, and get something of a backlog built up so I don't have to rush last-minute comics, I'll try to change to a Tues/Thur/Sat update schedule.