001 JOURNEY! Head straight foreward!

Aaronwing on May 27, 2009

Welcome to my first drawn, serious story based comic. Now I've always liked Pokemon, but with already having a completely cliche Megaman comic, I didn't really want to do a sprite based version. And, not to rag on the many great Pokemon comics out there, I didn't really want to do a generic “Oh, I'ma mary-sue pokemon trainer WEEE!” kind of comic.

So after reading a whole bunch of pokemon comics, (*coughPebbleversionPokemonGranitePokemonXect.cough*) as well as a series of meloncholy songs, and a little GinTama, I came up with this. And what do you know. I just recently got a new scanner too.

So please ignore the fact that currently everything is edited in paint, I'll have a better program soon. I make no promises for my drawing skills.

And enjoy a 10+ years fan of the Pokemon series, who writes serious, plot-hole free stories.

What? What do you mean I'm slacking off of BR and making this? Wait! Don't throw rocks! I'll update that soon, I swear! *Shields self from rocks*

Pokemon Princess will be updated whenever I feel like it, so no go on regularity.