Title Page!

CaptianSly on Nov. 22, 2007

This is the title page for Pokemon Smash0M which is realy ment to be Smash-M but I changed it to Smash0M.

It's about someone called Sly ( La la laaa! ) and his adventure's of having some great fun, I mean, who would'nt wont to have some fun in the Pokemon World, come on, I won't one person to say “I don't wonna have fun in the pokemon world” If they don't agree with me.

He has a mate named Mike and he, well…he like's collecting stuff called Random, so far, he has A broken pokeball, a leaf, pokemon fire stone, and a perce, he is looking for something more golden ( Gold Teeth ) to have.

Anyway, that's mainly it, except this stuff…
His mom is a thief that get's away with everything, Prof.Oak doesn't remember some stuff, and Sly's dad is **** ** ******. Also their's these enimey's called Silver Knight Ninja's, watch out for them. Oh and this is based in Kanto! You know, with Brock and Misty etc. But this is when like Ash and May have their journey! So Ash isn't their so, well, you know…