Luzia and Olalla Conception

fahfehno on March 5, 2009

So, I'm getting off my butt and doing some characters concepts. These are the two main character Luzia (gray) and Olalla (yellow). This is a good representation of them together, they always seem to have a good time. xD

So Luzia is feeling a little flustered because the guy she likes/is being courted by just walked past. And of course Olalla is giving her a hard time, with all the love she can for her friend of course. xD I suspect they just came back from Mass, because they're pretty well dressed. But then again, being the daughters of knights and handmaidens to a noblewoman in Granada… they can afford to look nice all the time. BUT I am worried that I dont' have my time period right when it comes to their garb. You'd be surprised how few references there are for Spanish clothing in the 15th & 16th centuries. ;_;

'gutter-child' is my account on where more concept and Por La Noche related art will go up. :3