Cat Burgler

crifmer on April 2, 2008

Updates Monday and Thursday

The final cameo appearance of the story belongs to Jiro, from Used Books. If you haven't read Used Books, go read it.

I've added two new pens to my supplies.. still inking with a ballpoint, but I'm now also using a Sharpie, and a bic permanent marker, both standard office supplies.

There was more I wanted to say, but I can't remember.

Next week we meet the ringleader and start wrapping things up. I may or may not take a week off when this is done. I don't want to throw some half-assed filler at you guys, because the comic is already shy of two full cheeks, if you know what I mean, but I think I'll need a small break. We'll see. Now that I don't have rehearsal every night, I'm feeling better, and the Bark Hollow page is coming along better than I feared - although still slower than I'd like. My eyes have hit the point where I'm getting headaches, and it feels like it's getting worse at an exponential rate now that they finally crossed that invisible line. My new glasses should be here in a couple weeks, though.

Okay, ramble over. Enjoy the comic.