April 1909 - Page 2

NicAndBen on May 20, 2018

(Nic) When thinking of how I wanted this particular scene to play out (previous and current page), I happened to be listening to a piano piece called ‘Finding It There’ by Goldmund. It really fit with the sense of calm I was going for, yet also possessing a subtle undertone of a pivotal moment in the making - plus the title could not have been anymore appropriate for such a moment. I shared it with Ben and this is the result. He did a wonderful job capturing the soothing/significant feel of it all and I'm very pleased!

(Ben) When we were doing our initial loose sketches for this chapter's pages, these first two were just a single page. When Nic let me hear the music that inspired the scene (link), I knew it had to be broken up into two pages instead. Part of me thinks it should've been even more, but this is what we settled on.