awsome owl 98 on Feb. 11, 2013

This originaly had a different punchline, but it just really… sucked. It didn't really make any sense at all. So there I was wondering if I was going to have to skip yet another page and decrease my eventual ending page count even more (An odd worry but one I have none the less.) when I remembered a comic page I'd made even before Powell and Derry. It was practicaly the same strip exept it had a better punch line I.E the one you see here.
Also, I'm going to be gone until Sunday, since I'll be on a trip to Santa Fe and Albuquerque (world's hardest name to spell!) and although I could just post pages that I've already have ready to go, I really kind of need a break and won't be bringing my computer. If I get up early enough, I may be able to update tomorrow, but otherwise see you Sunday/Monday depending on how late we get back Sunday.