Prologue Page 26

darker the dragon on June 29, 2008


On another note, finally got smash bros brawl yesterday, thanks to nintendo's promise to release EU games no less than two weeks after USA games ¬..¬

i thinks it okay. no different from melee, because if it was it wouldnt be smash bros. theres just more stuff. i do have one or two issues however:

1) Get Shigsy to do the levels for story mode next time. Sakurai a good director, but his platforming games have always been a little dull compared to mario…
2) destroy the ladders. all they do is get in the way when youre trying to make a critical jump
3) Kick Lucas out. He's not as good as Ness. Lucario can stay, as long as he's not blocking Mewtwo's return.

ADDENDUM: Put some Eternal Darkness n Viewtiful Joe in the next one :3

MORE ADDENDUM: Dont make “Jump” and “Open Door” the same button! Gah!