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Asbin on Feb. 11, 2013

Beginning another week
@Jerrie: Yeah, that had to hurt
@Jaggedclaw: Yeah, pretty much
@Luccia: Look at her butt! I mean… Umm yeah, intense
@man in black: That was her plan
@Jamie59: If left alone, yes
@zgrassd: Lol at the disarmed joke. You're right, the Nemesis Drug doesn't do any of that you mentioned. And yeah, you're pretty much right about the other protos, that's why I wanted to focus on Kammy for a bit. Regarding your theory on being half of Xenobia. That's really great observation. Obviously though to keep it spoiler free, I can't confirm your theory. First comment I've seen from you btw, but it seems you have paid great attention to detail. Hope you stick aroud :P