Diary of a Scientist 3

Asbin on April 16, 2013

Just one more page left on this mini story
@zgrssd: In regards to your first comment. I think this page answers the question. As far as the second comment. Shiki mentions it in one of the recent past chapters. (Not directly though) I kinda like the idea of leaving it mysterious.
@Jamie59: I had placed this on the last page, but in case you didn't see it. Here it is again:  Story is currently set in 2026. At the beginning of the story it was 2024. I give slight references to the years going by with Lucy mentioning it's her birth day on chapter 13 and then again she mentions she just turn 20 on chapter 20. Hope that helps clear confusion.
@Luccia: Yes they are :)
@man in black: Thanks
@Peipei: Thanks