Ch 26 Page 25

Asbin on April 21, 2014

And this ends chapter 26
@jerrie: Yeah, in total it's been over 70. Nothing serious happened thankfully
@Luccia: One or two were strong, rest was mild. And yes cookies is the solution
@Peipei: Yes I'm fine, thanks, and yes the babies are familiar characters
@Jamie59: All is fine for me at least thankfully
@ghostrunner: It's been crazy. I've kept my cool, but a lot of people have been panicing
@zgrssd: Yes, however only Luzbell is confirmed on that. Kammy is just Jinn's theory. Regarding the needing the other blood, can't exactly confirm that (gotta keep it spoiler free) His name hasn't been given yet, but it'll appear in the next few pages