Project Zero

YamiKyuuketsuki on Aug. 29, 2008

Hello, this is my first try to make Project Zero
I got so bored and wanted to make a comic~!
(People will think I'm new? I have to say I'm not new I only made a new account so people won't recognize me I'd really like to see if you people guess who I am =P the only two things I can say is.. you can see it maybe on the style how I draw or that my English is not perfect because I'm Japanese.. anyway.. my old account is more then a year old..) I really will do my best if I have time most people think my old self (My old account) is dead.. =P well my new one is gonna change that =)
And oh~! If you don't know what she is holding.. she is holding a knife .. dagger? from gold =D