02 - The School of Hard Knocks

Jillers on March 10, 2006

So, you should probably know by now (becuase I'm telling you now) that I'm not that great an artists (draw-er as I like to say). So, now comes the main reason I have this:
Because I want to improve on my own drawing, and so people can see how much I've improved, from sucky stick figures to slightly less sucky Turen bears.
*shrugs* Vanity I know. But it's also a good way to keep myself motivated to improve.

BTW, I play a Tauren Druid - Lavache - on the Argent Dawn server. While I'm not always on, I'm usually on - so if you're on that server, feel free to talk to me! I'm usually soloing, unless I'm doing a dungeon.