Robotech: pg. #2

meemjar on March 29, 2010

To the unfamiliar:

Lt. Commander Roy Fokker of the SKULL squadron was the main hero for the first part of the first generation story arc.
He was mortally wounded in combat with the ZENTRAEDI, a race of gigantic 30' tall humanoids invading the Earth in episode #18:'Farewell, Big Brother' bereaving and devastating the crew of the SDF-1.

From left to right:

Lt. Rick Hunter: Roy's younger brother and new Commander of Skull Squadron.
Captain Henry J. Gloval: Supreme Commander of the SDF-1 and proverbial ‘Father figure’ (Think Capt. Avatar of ‘Star Blazers’)
Lt. Claudia Grant: Third in command of the SDF-1 Bridge and Roy's fiance.
Lt. Lisa Hayes: Female protagonist of the series, Second in command of the Bridge next to the Captain and much like Major Hoolihan of M*A*S*H* (tough on the outside with a heart of gold).
Lt. Max Sterling: Ricks wingman and best Ace in the Robotech Defense Force (RDF).
Lt. Ben Dixon: Ricks other wingman and comic relief.
Ensigns Kim Young & Sammie Porter: Lisa & Claudia's subordinates, friends and female comic reliefs.