Character sheet 1

Top Hat on Jan. 12, 2007

On the left is Akiva the Blue Mage/ Red mage. On the right is Touzoku the Theif/ Language Queen/ Pirate. The subclasses of Touzoku will be explained later.

These two are the ‘leaders’ of the party, which is made up of six other characters. There are Natalie, Seiko, Kenshin, Boo-Boo, and Soony. Did I leave one out? No! This is were you, the reader, comes in.

Just send me art, species, gender, and class(es) of the character, also add a short bio if you don't want me to make up the background for the character. Send it to me in a Quack and me and Akiva will look at them. Even though Akiva doesn't know about this yet…

Go! Send! Now!