A Drunkduck Civil War event: Page 2

dmc87 on April 6, 2007

She talks too much.

And I'm about to as well. Worked on this at about 2 in the morning, so it's crappier than it should be. Too lazy to color, so I cheated with styles. I also suck at speech balloons. Here's the conversation(if you'll call it that):

1st panel-

P-Patrol: She's not opening it. I'm busting it down!

2nd panel-

P-Patrol(yes there are three of them :D):Don't even try to escape! You can't get away!

Shraye: If it isn't the pee-patrol. Sorry to piss you off, but… I just can't give you my real name. See, whatever floats your boat sinks my ship, and I'm just not ready to go Titanic.

P-Patrol: Enough! Just give us your real name, ‘Shraye’, and nobody gets hurt!

Shraye: How demanding. Fine, I'll give it to you. But first, what're YOUR names? You owe me at least that. After all…

3rd panel-

Shraye: Your buddies ripped my favorite pair of socks last time.

The brace below her knee has needles in it, and whenever she has it on, she can't feel the attacks thrown at her. She bleeds/gets bruised, of course, but she can't feel the attacks. And that book on the floor does say Hokage 101. Shraye's cluttered… In a neat sort of way. And there's the Afro-puff! Thanks for the comments! :)