A Drunkduck Civil War event: Page 7

dmc87 on July 14, 2007

How'd he get there so fast?

AGH. I've been trying to upload this since Saturday night, but for some reason it wouldn't get uploaded. But anyway, I finally finished it! It took me two weeks, but I finally finished the page. =_= It's crappy, but I'm too happy to have finished it to bother right now. The backgrounds suck the most, yeah. The third panel actually made me want to eat lots and lots of Skittles, then puke them all out. *shudder* And Mr. Robot's hand is huge, and Shraye's hair is too long in the 2nd panel… Meh. I give up. Anyway! This page is tied to Azaeziel's webcomic,

Karen the Marilith! :D

I bet you've already checked it out, but in case you haven't, you gotta do it now! The inking and the drawing and the details and EVERYTHING is wonderful. *froths at the mouth*

celrena: XD Which is why he's chasing her around everywhere to make her pay.

Hero: Tell me about it! That robot has no idea how long Shraye rehearsed that! XD

Azaeziel: Hahaha! Karen's going to have fun collecting the debt then, huh?

jiminycricketX: Thanks! ^__^ I'm so happy you noticed.

Peipei: Thanks lots for the 5! :D

Tamerlane: XD It would be a lot more fun if it wasn't a murderous ninja robot…

Willowanderer: Haha, it's a little too late for that!

timlight: Thanks, and I checked your work out! It's totally awesome.

Evil_Snuffkin: Then… that happens? :D

DRose: Thank you for the 5! :D

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :)