Forward and onward!

dmc87 on Sept. 14, 2007

“Forward and onward, Nidorino!”
“*pokemon grunt*”

XD Hey! Sorry, I just had to post this first. :D It's one of my closest cousin's birthday today and this is partly my gift for him. He's twelve today! Huzzah! I drew this in only three hours and spent an hour coloring it which is why it's sort of not-cleaned but I like that way. :P

Obviously, I didn't make the background. XD I was kind of doing this at 3 in the morning, so that I could continue making the real cw comic update today, so… bleh. >__> And I know the body is completely disproportional (just like the bodies of everything else I draw)… But what I don't know is if he's facing the ‘camera’ or if he's facing the ‘jungle’ and just turning around. I planned it to look like the latter, but now I just can't tell. *sigh* (And yes, those are goggles)

NIDORINO ISN'T FAT. (in denial!) >__> He's just… a growing Pokemon. Yeah. Definitely. (I am so sorry that Nidorino's… erm.. toes..nails? well, whatever they are, are messed up)

Anyway, happy birthday, JP! :)