Kingdom Hearts Comic Chapter 1 cover

Salamar on June 8, 2009

This should be like nothing you've ever seen.

The hand drawn comic is unfortunately going to be canceled as a comic as I can't drawn well enough to do what I'd like to with it.

I've forgotten whether i said this before, so bear with me, The guy with the sword (woops) who looks like sora, is called Owain
The guy who looks like Riku is called Huw
The guy who is kinda blue is nick
The Duck is called Ronald, Ronald Duck
The green clothed guy is known as Ben
The girl is not Kairi
The adult is Called Dad by Owain, and Owain's Dad by the others.

Both NightTerror and I Have started Sonic Comics which are separate from this. Due to this, Random Comicz is going to be on a hiatus until we are happy with how things are going with our comics.

I shall Post an ad for each of them and after that Random Comicz is going to be left alone until We're happy with it, as said above. So with any luck You'll all swing by and check them out.

Oh and this was set about two months ago, some information may be out of date.