[1] New bottle, same wine

Black_Kitty on Aug. 17, 2006

The title of this first comic seems oddly fitting.

For a long while now, RT (as well as Wanderlands but that's another thing) somehow managed to stay on the front page. I didn't do anything, in fact I left the accounts very much alone. So I could never figure out how or why it's there.

Checking out the redesigned DD, I noticed that now not only is RT popping up, it's popping up first.

Which only shot up my guilt level so high that I went looking for my backup CDs, found my backups to RT, and is now re-uploading the comics.

I only made the account so I could keep the name on DD. I then uploaded a comic I did in 15 minutes for a comic jam I participated in between DD and CG as a place holder. But now it just feels rather unacceptable that something that shows up when you click on the strip section could be so neglected.

Have mercy though! The date on the CD is October 25th, 2003 and I have the first 79 strips on it. This means that the next 79 comics you're about to see are over 3 years old!

I'm not going to discourage critiques or comments but keep in mind that I'm not redoing 3+ year old comics. :)

And no, this is still not the best place to contact me. If you have DD related issues you want me to take a look at, please contact me through the forums or by e-mail at blackkitty (a) gmail (dot.) com.

Please pardon the not so well done comics. ^^;;;