RT01: Addiction

RatedT on June 19, 2007

Through the years, I have been trying to make a web comic. The problem was always finding a stable and good artist, in which I have found ZippyChao. She is simply put…amazing.

It is with great pride, joy, and every other good emotion known to man-that I finally present to you….the first strip of Rated T!

In the 4th panel, that is Zeo's current playtime. In the panel with the hippy, that is Zeo's broken DS. The hippy was so overwhelmingly popular, even though I put him in as a random character.We are currently holding a vote to see if I should bring him back as a character. Let me know what you think ;P. I've written quite a few of these, just waiting for Zippy to catch up on it ;P.