Coffee Stain

warefish on July 24, 2008

Firstly, I really should introduce you to the characters. You won't be seeing too much of them, but the bald guy is Swanky and the guy with hair is Derrik (I didn't name them, one of my friends did). However, please don't be confused into thinking that every bald cartoon you see will be Swanky, you will know if it's Swanky if you see Derrik in the same strip.
You will notice that this update is a differance in styles. Majority of the next few strips that I will put up will be single framed comics, but you will eventually start to notice that my art style will change a bit and I will be making more strips than single framed comics.
Anyway, my email is below, so feel free to send me any messages or perhaps some guest art.


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