Hippie! 06 vs 10

NikiPaprika on Sept. 13, 2010

THIS is really embarassing looking back on how I used to draw!
Might redraw a full body version of hippie Rapphael later, I already like how his face looks in the recent doodle I did :P

Now, a bit of background behind this design and Opposites Attract for anyone who is interested:
Rapphael is my very first OC, and was pretty much meant to be a femmy guy who is insane in the membrane and enjoys art. A lot. He was originally created as an adult, about in his early twenties, though would sometimes be a tad older if an RP called for it.
He was to befriend Sam (ex-friend's first OC, so I have now adopted him), who was a very sensible, if a bit strict, man. And so together, they were the odd couple, and got up to wacky shenanigans and what not! Many guffaws and chortles to be had.

AAAAAnyways, that was back in ‘03. Between ’03 and ‘06, I was trying to think of how Rapphael would dress and I thought the way he acted more or less suited a hippy. Up until then I was drawing him in very feminine clothes (hell, even skirts!), but toned it down a little.

It was about 06-07 that me and my friend roleplayed Raph’s and Sam's teenage years a lot (and thats when we came up with Sally, Jack, Ian and Cammi). We then had an EPICLY long RP that carried on for weeks, because we kept adding things here and there, and that is what eventually resulted in me putting it into comic form, thus now have Opposites Attract!

Ever since I found this picture, the more I actually want Rapphael to turn out to be a hippie in the future. His dad would be furious! Hohohoho!

p.s. He has nis nipple pierced, you can JUST see it peeking from behind the vest xD