Page 29, Chapter Two Starts!

Aghammer on June 1, 2009

Chapter two begins! You might recognize the man. The girl was also in one panel of chapter one :) A little verbage to set the stage for the rest of the story.

I liked the pencil work for this one but didn't care for the ink or the color… oh well. Here it is anyway :) The next page will be more in line with the black and white “style” of chapter one.

Let me know what you think.


Comments from the end of chapter one (page 28) :)

Avie, Thank! Kayla did a tremendous job of working my script :D She is awesome. When I win the lottery, I'm hiring her fulltime ;)

Satoshi, thanks (for Kaylove ;))

Kay, Thanks again… your work is so good… it makes my story look good (no easy task ;))

plymayer, WTHecksicle thanks!

PeiPei, Yeah she did… and it pops up again in chatper 2.. thanks :D

Amanda, Me too :D Thanks… hopefully you will enjoy.

Niccea, Pendent of DOOOM… that needs to be the official name..ha.

TheSkunkTrainer, The dream allowed me to introduce some of the weird elements of the story. Thanks for all your comments :D

JustNoPoint. Thanks man and thanks for the pointers and comments. You'll see more banter soon. :)

Mattchee, Thanks for the comments man. Yeah, scary but not as scary as your work… yikes!

Mushroom, Thanks bro. Wish it was mine. And the links were totally NOT a way to get more page views :)

Worstcase, Thanks. I really enjoying BOTH your comics… so good!

Kaiyaweird, The ominous-ness is just starting..haha. Thanks.

Jabali, Thanks my friend and I'm looking for updates, but no pressure :)

dotdotdot, Thanks… and here we go!

Pato, Thanks man!

Little Swan, Me too! So awesome and so much better than my work on it ;) Good.. I hope you enjoy :)

Tommym, My friend, you have an avatar! Awesome pic! You are so good… I really appreciate your attention to my comic… I'm honored! I love your take on the pages… especially the bus :) Hopefully you will enjoy this chapter as well. The weird stuff moves from the dream realm to the “Real world”. Don't discount Kat… I still think she's stronger than Lucien!

CatCatDragoo, Thanks! and such a cute avatar!!