ON VACATION #8 - Let's Move to California! Seriously!

x3022 on June 2, 2006

This is the first appearance of the jumping tv. I love that tv. What a cheap, easy visual gag! I recommend everyone use it. I can't think of one comic here on DD that couldn't benefit from a jumping tv! Prove me wrong, people!

I can't say this for absolute sure, but chances are that DC was a blast! Me and Mrs G are probably headed back and hopefully not lost in the wilds of Indiana. Hey, maybe we'll stop in Gary, IN for a burger and pee-pee break and run into John Mellencamp! That would rock! Unless he remembers me from the infamous Big Daddy ‘89 tour. If so, he’ll probably try to beat the crap outta me. Again. Maybe we'll skip Gary, IN.

As always, your visits, comments, votes and street fighting tips are much appreciated!