#25: Battle of Astronomical proportions, START!

boilman on April 12, 2008

After a long while, the first real Boss Battle has finally started. AstroMan.EXE VS RockMan.EXE
Who will prove the strongest?

I've got something real special planned for next comic, as said before. But, I won't be able to pull it off alone. So, I'm requesting help here.

If you are good in either shading or editing large surfaces In-Battle EXE style, please, say so here, or PQ me. Members of SpritesInc, you can also react in my thread, or send a PM. As long as I know I can count on you.

If it won't be done by next week, I'll start focusing on the villians side a bit. I have to explain a couple of things there, anyway. But still, I'd appreciate the help, enormously.