Ch 0 P6

Lil_Wolf_87 on Nov. 13, 2010

*Read right to left* I'm sorry it's taken so long for an update. I sort of hit a rut that left me not wanting to do much of anything, let alone art. It's been sort of rough, but I think I may be getting myself back in the groove. I may be moving sometime in the new year as well, and probably won't have internet right away, so I'll have to find some way to work around that. At the very least, I can transfer anything to a USB stick to upload at a library to try and keep things updating. I apologize if the quality is lacking with this… I have been practising with my art, just doing random images for fun, so hopefully I can start improving in the comic (especially on backgrounds!). For those of you that still check back, thanks for sticking around