Rojax and Carl

SorsHasOars on May 8, 2010

A concept for a new comic I'm coming up with. Although I don't have a set story line for them, and the 3 panel comics have sub par humor, I'd like to someday get to work on making a series for these two, if not maybe revamping their looks by sometime next year when I come up with something.

Rojax:The product of a drunken Drow and an easy wood elf. Specializing in Illusion magic and lockpicking, Rojax is a master thief. Combined with a few martial arts picked up by his adoptive father, a Dwarven monk with a great taste for ale, Rojax is a thief who is willing to fight for his captured prize, and fight dirty.

Being a cynical man, Rojax picked up his foster father's drinking habits, more for the reason of dealing with teasing and persecution because of his dominate Drow traits.

Carl: Necromancy carries many dangers, one being the resurrection of sarcastic, Barbarian warrior. Revived by an inexperienced(and very unfortunate)Necromancer, Carl has a craving for battle as much as he does for women and their bosoms. However during his, as he would like to put, “happy nap”, his “Greatest sword” fell away and rotted a millennium ago. Any reminder of this fact leads to much swearing and dead cows…

almost invulnerable to most means of physical attack, Carl is able to regenerate from most severe wounds, from being cut in half to having most of his body eviscerated. although the cost to regrow the undead flesh usually ends up draining Rojax's pocket.

stay tuned for the comic!