Ruby 4.27

Lilac on May 29, 2012

And there it is.  The last page. 
First of all, thank you all so much for your continued support and love throughout the years of drawing this.  Thank you so much for staying by me when I went through that awful depressive stage and went on hiatus for awhile.  You have all brought me so much joy and comfort through your comments, no matter how small.  I would have never completed this without you. 

If you wanna keep contact with me, you can always read my other comic, ‘Ar Oh Ef El.’  However, if that's not your thing, you are welcome to follow my tumblr,  I usually just reblog stuff but I also post art stuff and rant. 

As for what's next, I'm not sure.  I'm still going to update Ar.  I actually have some exciting news but I won't share it just yet.  :D  You'll have to either subscribe to my tumblr or Ar Oh Ef El to see it.  Actually, I might post gag pages on Ruby for a bit.  You'll find out somehow haha. 

Well, that's all I have to say for now.  Thank you all so much for being here.  I love you all.  *hug

Okay, so I was told it was okay to reveal my big surprise. Amelius, creator of Charby the Vampirate and Unlife is Unfair, has asked me to do the art for an upcoming project that she and EvilEmperorNick have been writing. We're in the process of working out the details. I'm super excited and honored to be doing this, so stay tuned to find out when we'll get it aired! :D