The future of Rule of Three (and some other rambly thoughts on my mind)

Rule_of_Three on Jan. 10, 2012

(Oops, I posted this on the Facebook Fan Page last week but forgot to post it here)
Hey there friends, family and readers who I don't know personally :)
off, I want to say thank you for reading the comic, especially those
who have been there since the beginning.  Doing a comic was something
that I've wanted to do since I was kid, as I was always drawing
something or another every chance I got.   And for the past 4 1/2 years,
I've really enjoyed doing Rule of Three. 
I take that back, I've
enjoyed the first 4 years of the comic, because the 2nd half of 2011 has
been best described as sucky.  In May last year I found out I was
losing my job of nearly 5 years (well, not losing it, I know where it
is, it's just somewhere else ;) but too far to drive to and from every
day).  Since then, story ideas have been dwindling, with worries of
money and a finding new job filling my brain instead.  It's hard to give
a crap about what your imaginary friends are doing when your savings is
shrinking before your eyes and you wonder how you'll keep paying your
bills.  Fortunately I've found a temporary job that pays…well,
something, for the time being, and a future here is still somewhat
Another comic creating issue has been time.  Damned
life just keeps getting in the way more and more.  And with the real
life Hazel and Quinn getting married in just a couple months, my
normally free weekends are disappearing (not that I'm complaining at
all!  They're some of the best folks around and I'm honored to be her
matron of honor, hehe!) 
So, here's what's happening.  Rule of
Three will be on a somewhat short hiatus.  I need a few months off to
attend to wedding party duties without stressing about how the comic
will get done, then a few more months to finally (I'm so ashamed) hook
up and practice with the wonderful drawing tablet that Real Hazel and
Real Quinn got me for Christmas…2009.  Yeah, I suck.  I also am
apprehensive about new technology.  But it's something I really need to
do.  I'm hoping to enlist a friend to give me a walk-through and some
pointers on how to use it.  If things go well with the tablet and reduce
the amount of time it takes me to draw and edit it, then back to
regular schedule we go.  If I'm a lost cause, back to hand drawn
Though, with the passage of time and future
plans becoming more immediate, the comic will likely be coming to an end
somewhat soon.  I"ve got a couple of stories that need to be completed,
and I promise you all that it won't end where it is now.  It will be
completed, however long it takes. 
However, once it does end, I'm
sure it won't be the last time we see Katerli, Hazel, Ivy, Stone and
company.  If a certain humourous, time travelling comic writer is up for
it, I'm sure we'll see them hanging out every so often with Cassie,
Bethany and Matt in Times Like This. (Right Thomas?)  We can be the next
Randy Milholland and Aeire and have a permanent crossover :)  And who
knows, maybe if things are just right, I may restart it.  Who knows, I
certainly don't at this point. 
So, thanks again for your
patience.  I'm hoping to have the comic back up by July 22nd as an
absolute latest (the comic's 5 year anniversary), but hopefully sooner
than that, I'm aiming for May.  I'll keep you all posted and hope you'll
stick around.
Thanks and love to you all :D