#429 - WT(R)F? *** NSFW ***

Rule_of_Three on Jan. 28, 2013

OK, a little explanation on Roller Fucking, because it needs one :)
As my friends and family know, I am a huge fan of the late, great comedian George Carlin (RIP). On his “A Place For My Stuff” comedy album from November 1981, edited in between the live comedy show were these studio recorded “Announcements”, mostly spoofs of commercials. In the third section of the “Third Announcements”, was this little gem that cracked me up:
“On Saturday afternoon, it's ”Galaxy of Sports“. This week featuring- Team Walking, Cross Country Ballroom Dancing, High-speed Competition Skipping, Tree Hunting and the newest X-rated sport from California, Roller Fucking! Followed by a sports movie. The story of a young man's desire to be an Olympic swimmer. Don't miss ”Wet Dream“!”
After bringing up the subject on Facebook with some friends, I decided I had to put this in the comic. So, enjoy! And go check out George Carlin. The man was awesome!