Return and End

aaatlballin on March 3, 2009

First on the agenda,
Running Gags will no longer be updated on this site.Before you ask why,Let me say that this comic is not over.It has simply been moved to my site ,or better known as The Pandora's Box.It will be continued there.In fact,I'm working on Chapter 2 right now.Thanks to everyone who's been so nice to me on DrunkDuck.

We at Pandora's Box are looking for one last comic to add to our lineup.Could it be yours?If you think so,email me at with the first five pages of it and what days you can update(you must at least be able to update ONCE a week).We'd perfer drawn comics but sprite comics will be accepted too,as long as they're fairly-good looking(don't use me as an example,I'm still trying to improve my spriting skills) with a decent plot.Will let you know the winners in April!

And finally,Third,
You may be wondering what Pandora's Fighters is?Well go to the site and find out for yourself!